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My name is Kevin Coffey and I specialize in hand drawn 2-D animation and illustration for clients of all sizes.

I started early and have had a long, happy career- the sidebar on this and the following two main pages give a brief illustrated overview of how, where and why.

I have been a successful freelance producer, animator, illustrator and cartoonist for many years, and I have a warm, friendly style with proven appeal for people of all ages- just right for your next project.

Credits include creating art for Lucas, Cartoon Network, Disney, Comcast, Tim Burton, Hasbro, Hanna-Barbara and many others. My corporate clients include Safeway, Bank of America, Farmer's Insurance, United States Post Office, Nextel, Chevron, Wells Fargo Bank and many others.

Creating hand-drawn special effects animation for major motion pictures including Ghostbusters 2, Back to the Future 3 and others is a lot of fun- and hard work!

And again, I can't say too many times how great your work is- I'm immeasurably appreciative of how fast you're doing it, but doubly so at how good it all is! 

Jim Pearson, Mindscape

I have designed characters for national campaigns for Van De Kamp Foods, Safeway, NBC and many local campaigns.

Recently completed work includes illustrating children's books for the Florida Gators, the Boston Red Sox, the Los Angeles Anaheim Angles, the Cincinnati Bearcats and many others.

My hundreds of illustrations for children's and teenager's text books delivered to the highest, strictest standards helps kids learn by keeping their textbooks fun to look at.

Comic strips featuring my own characters have appeared in national publications, and I have years of experience in creating comic strips for clients large and small.

As a freelance animator and animation producer I have created and worked on dozens of projects for screens of all sizes.

I have also taught storyboarding at the college level and have created storyboards for many nationally known clients.

Duplicating various styles of commercial art is something I'm very skilled at and I can create the illustration and animation you have in mind. I can get as realistic or as abstract as you need.

There are currently more than 20 books I've illustrated for sale RIGHT NOW on Amazon.com.

Here are links to some of them:

1. A Season With Wally the Green Monster                                                               by Jerry Remy

2. Albert’s Journey Through the Sunshine State                                                        by Aimee Aryal

3. Hello, Bearcat!                                                                                                        by Mick Cronin

4. How to Raise a Millionaire: Six Millionaire Skills Parents Can Teach Their Kids So They Can Imagine and Live The Life Of Their Dreams!                                                   by Ann Morgan James

5. How To Let Your Parents Raise A Millionaire: A Kid-to-Kid View on How to Make Money Make a Difference and Have Fun Doing Both                                                by Ann Morgan James

You do great work and are a wonderfully organized person to work with.

Patrick Barren, The Visual Mentor

6. The Land of Chocolate Cosmos               by Suzie Canale

7. Gardner’s Guide to Writing and Producing for Television (Gardner’s Guide series)           by Dee Duke

8. Howie and Friends It’s A Cat’s Life Book   by Howie and Friends

9. A Loop of String: String Stories & String Stunts/ Traditional & Original String Figures & Stories                                               by Ruth Slotter

10. New England A to Z                                                                                                by Allison Baker

11. The Lucky Blue Angel                                                                                              by Robert Flynn

12. The Candy Roses of Cape Care (Beantown Tales)                                                 by Suszie Heart Canale

13. The Popcorn Hydrangea of Poppingtom (The Benton Tales: Green Series Book 2)                                                                                                                                 by Suszie Heart Canale

14. Happy 4 Life: Here’s How To Do It                                                                         by Bob Nozik M.D.

15. Bear-ly There With Compass (the story of Compass Bear and his human friend Molly)                                                                                                         by Mary B. French

16. Algebra Connections; (College Preparatory Mathematics, 2)                    edited by Leslie Dieter

17. Journey to Cabo Pulmo: Baja California Sur                                                 by Marcus Lara Kino

18. Heart Quests                                                                                                         by Stewart M. Lindh

19. Muni Manners: An Etiquette Guide For The Mass Transit Savvy                          by Angelie Agarwal & Julie Hayes

20. Yoga Girl                                                                                                                by Dana Dowell

21. Grandpa Knew My Dad                                                                                         by Marilyn J. Martinez

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